Baby and Mommy

Dear tabby, one of my outdoor cats had kittens about two weeks ago now this evening when i took my dog out i heard baby crying and looked up their i saw it coming out of the raftors whare the Over hang which has bead board on the under side is missing two slats whare it meats the house was a little grey tushie and most of the body as well so i called for my mom to bring me a step ladder So i could push baby back up into the raftors whare its mama Bunny had apparently had it thinking this to be the best and safest idea as bunny was no whare to be seen however by thetime my mom got me the step ladder she had just enough time to close the doro before baby smoke as were calling it fell into her arms thank god she caught it or its mama bunny came up just then Well we put smoke down and waited Bunny ignored smoke so we decided for the night at least to bring both mama and baby indoors as we didnt know what else to do and feared her abandoning the baby. Now heres the delima what if smoke has siblings what should we do ? Should we let bunny go and Bottle feed smoke or Keep bunny and smoke inside bunny who has never been inside before with my six other indoor only cats three adult three kittens around 10-14 weeks and just listen for other babys any advice would help thanks for the time.
Mommy Am


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