Re(2): Baby and Mommy

Dear Tabby, LOL You Miss understand the Momma Kitty's name is Bunny Because as a Kitten one of her back legs was shorter than the other so she hopped instead of running shes a beautiful black feline with big orange eyes and a pretty grey ball of fur baby and i was wondering though i've only seen the one and her last litter only had three do you think their are more in the rafters should i try to get to them or let her out to do so and if so should i bottle feed baby smoke I'm clueless here bunny has never been inside shes an outdoor cat and half feral so no idea what a potty box is and as i Have so many other Kittys inside i worry it might be to much stress. and as were such a small town the closest we have to a humane society is thew shelter. just wondering do we keep Our Cat (Bunny) Inside Or Do we set her back out for any other babys?
Thanks Mommy Am


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