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deep thoughts

Learn From Your Mistakes
Many people may have heard the phrase, “That which doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger”, or a phrase similar to this. Personally I agree with this statement. Throughout my life I have made many mistakes that are terrible, and who does not no one is perfect. I try not to repeat mistakes, but I try and learn from them. Also there are going to be people in this world and for whatever reason they try to bring you down. I play a sport and it never feels good being put down then. You cannot let it get to you, you must overcome it, and you must become stronger.
If you do something make sure it’s what you want to do don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life. If you get bullied or people don’t believe in your thoughts it sucks but there are ways to overcome all this negative energy. I know that there will be times where you feel you cannot do anything without being criticized but find a way that turns all those negative comments to fuel you so if in the future you know how to deal with it, words do not kill you they can only make you stronger.
If you make mistakes learn from them become wiser and try not to make them again. Life is all about making choices and to learn from them. Every day you make hundreds of decisions believe it or not. In everything you make a decision and it is your choice to decide if some worked or not. Try not to make the same mistake twice but if you do try to overcome it. Reflect over your life decisions keep what you’ve learned to yourself or use your knowledge and guide other people so they do not make the same mistakes you did. You learn from your mistakes it makes you stronger and wiser. It doesn’t kill you to make mistakes, people make mistakes every day, but it does make you stronger.
I agree with this quote and there will not be anything that will change my mind about it. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life in everything that I do. I try not to look back and try not to regret the things I have done. In order to not repeat what I have done I learn from my mistakes because what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. It sucks to be bullied or make mistakes but find ways to overcome it. It works for me and I am sure it can work for others. In your lifetime you will experience a lot of things, a lot of things that will just tear you up physically or emotionally. You must rise up over your struggles and hopefully you will remember that which doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger or any other phrase similar to this.

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