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English Honors 11

Right vs. Wrong Essay
What is the ambiguity between right and wrong? Some would argue there is a distinctive way to decide what is right and what is wrong. I do not believe it is that simple. Knowing what is right and what is wrong comes from one’s morals, beliefs, personality, and mentality. The difference between right and wrong cannot be seen clearly by every human being.
For example, abortion in America is constantly a controversial topic is today’s politics. There is no clarity of right and wrong in this situation because each woman is under a different circumstance. Our country was founded on separation of church and state, and a women’s personal rights should not be at stake because politicians have not realized that the human race has evolved spiritually and mentally and have accepted abortion.
A woman who was brutalized, raped, and now pregnant, denied her personal right as an American to an abortion. A woman should not have to have the child of her perpetrator after being traumatized by a dismaying experience. Having to constantly be reminded of a traumatizing experience, and an innocent child being shamed and resented for being the effect of an atrocious experience, that is not life. That is the complete opposite, that is living in a worldly hell.
Women who do not believe in abstinence should not be penalized. Every woman should have the option of abortion accessible to them. Why should a third party be responsible for a woman’s body and her health? Women cannot make castration mandatory by law to all men, so why should male politicians
have a say on women’s personal rights? A woman who does not believe in abstinence could view her decision as the right thing, but someone else can see her as a murderer.
Medical files are confidential and cannot be released to government officials unless a warrant is presented. An abortion is a medical procedure and in some cases a simple pharmaceutical prescription, but all is that is confidential. The confidentiality of an abortion should be maintained whether it be in a medical facility or in the privacy of one’s home, but a pharmacist should not have the right to deny a woman’s prescription because of their personal biased opinion on abortion. Anyone in the medical field must believe in science. Being highly religious and a medic can conflict and result in biased opinions and lack of medical attention. Doctors take an oath, to treat the ill to the best of one's ability, to preserve a patient’s privacy, to teach the secrets of medicine to the next generation, and so on. A doctor should not have the right to deny a woman the right to an abortion when it is their duty to do whatever possible to comply with the wishes of a patient, and if a woman does not feel capable of being responsible of another child, or was brutally raped and impregnated, she should not have to worry about being denied an abortion. There will never be a clear answer as to whether an abortion is the right or wrong thing to do, but each woman is unique in her case and her reasoning for her abortion, and each case has different factors and circumstances, so no one should be able to decide for a woman her choice.
Many would argue that there is other alternatives to an abortion. One that is common is adoption. But what is always overlooked is not every child is adopted. Not every child goes to the stereotypical suburban family with the loving married parents, and dog, with the white picket fence. Many kids are put into the foster care system and are never out of it, and when they turn 18 the government turns them loose in the world with nothing. They are out on their own, and because rich politicians who aren't economically depressed didn't have to decide on their own life and putting their child into the system for a “better life” or “a chance”.
The circumstances that are out there for reasons for abortion vary, no one case is alike, so there should not be one solid answer if it is wrong or right. And no one should be able to say otherwise, because we are all human and we are all different, in size, shape, form, being, and thinking. So for that, there is no clear right or wrong.

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