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How long can a week week and a half old kitten live on it's owne without it's mother? Hey Remember I told you about Bunny and her baby's, well the day after my friend found and I braught the second of Bunny's baby's in the house, I heard a third one crying in what seemed to be the gutter. Well too short even with ladder so go get tall friend again, who looks but no baby in gutter, and baby stops crying after more than 36 hours without Mommy I asume the worst..It hurts and I'm devistated.. The next evening I'm takeing my dog out and hear baby again, Hmm how could such a young kitty live unless my mother lives very close by and she has an out door cat who had kittens about 8/9 weeks ago,but they wouldn't stay out of the street, so they became house cats. Then tonight about 6pm I'm takeing the dog out again when I run int the neighbor before she can knock, seems she heard a kitten crying on my ramp, and sure enough the baby is lyeing there crying his lunga out.Well I call Mom and we try to give him to her cat who refuses, hisses and slaps at him. So make a long story a lil shorter I bring Sonny in the house and reunite him with his Mommy and his siblings Stormy and Smoky,N ow sonny's a skinny boy, but has good lungs I think you could hear him cry where ever you are and despite his six or seven foot fall he seems fine, Now Hopefully they'll all live Happily Ever After. Thanks for all the help and advice your a life saver.
Mommy Am


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