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You wont cry for my absence I know.

I keep going to the river to pray.

Name: Thalia
• Biological sex: Female
• Age: 22
• Skin colour: Quite pale
• Hair colour: Auburn
• Eye colour: Sky blue

Detailed Appearance: Thalia is considered to be a petite woman standing at 5'5 and weighting in at around 115 pounds but she is by no means sickly, her thick mane of auburn locks stops at her lower waist and it mostly has intricate braids and small hand made beads holding said braids together. Thalia has a love of both worlds when it comes to what she wears, some days choosing to wear leggings and tunics versus others days she is very much female and will wear beautiful dresses. Thalia is a fan of the colours of the earth itself and can mostly be seen wearing earthy colours.

Personality: Friendly, Kind, Helpful, Loyal, Honest, Stubborn, Love for knowledge, Level headed, Calm tempered, Love for nature and everything in it, Hard worker.

Ambitions: Thalia has a love for the art of healing, anything medicine can ensnare her attention. She is in searching for something that will not only challenge her but will also help her learn everything there is about Medicine and how she can use it to help those around her.

History: Thalia lived for into the mountains with her mother her whole life, she grew up in the wild knowing how to take care of herself and her mother. Thalia's mother raised her to always be kind and caring, Thalia had quickly taken to the animal's of the forests around the mountain and the rare person that was making there way threw. At the age of 14 in the early weeks of autumn Thalia's mother fell sick, the girl did everything she could but by mid winter her mother passed away. The death of of her mother changed her quite a bit, she was no longer a laughing playing child and fell into a slight depression that took a full year to pull herself out of. It had been thanks to Olympia (Golden Eagle) her familiar. After being pulled from the depression Thalia began roaming the lands learning as much as she could about Medicine in hopes of helping others. She wishes to help others.

Sample post: So far it proved to be a long winter in the eyes of Thalia, after her mother had gotten sick it had been up to her to go out hunting and gather supplies. She had to keep things going on top of trying to take care of her sickly mother but never once did the young woman complain about having to do it, she knew it killed her mother inside every time Thalia had to be sent out to fetch something. Today they had started running low on water which wasn't the biggest task Thalia had done before, the river was just a twenty minute walk from the small cabin and with the small wooden sled she could just pull the buckets of water behind her. After suiting herself up for the cold which included a thick pair of leggings, a think and fur coated tunic, something to cover her ears, fur covered boots and mittens Thalia checked on her mother one last time before quietly sliding out the door making sure it was tightly closed behind her. The wind whipped widely around her causing her auburn hair to move with it occasionally hitting her in the face, Winter had never been one of Thalia's favourite season's but only because the girl was not truly a fan of the cold weather. The beauty that came with the coldest season had always caught her attention, the beautiful fields of white and fragile things had always been the bonus of living in the mountains. The fact that she could just pull a sled behind her most of the time was great as well, Thalia moved from the door way and grabbed the sled from the small makeshift shed beside the house and set it flat on the ground grabbing the now empty buckets tying them down to the sled.

Thalia’s mother taught her at a young age the tell-tell signs of a storm brewing, its because of these lesson’s Thalia knew one was coming but only nature itself would tell how bad this one would turn out to be. It didn’t take long for the girl to make it down to the river and made quick work of the buckets filling them and placing them back on the sled, it took her maybe fifteen minutes to do so but in those fifteen minutes the wind picked up stronger and a large snowfall began causing Thalia to have to hurry back spilling some of the water as she went, the sky grew dark as she reached the cabin causing her to feel uneasy. Quickly she began bringing the water into the house, she noticed that the candle in the bedroom had burnt out completely and this was slightly odd as her mother woke every few hours. After finishing with the water Thalia removed her winter wear and slowly moved over to the door of the bedroom rubbing her arms to warm up making a mental note to start a fire in the fire place after she checked up on her mother.

Thalia slowly pushed the door open to the bedroom peaking inside and looking at the motionless form lying on the bed, "Miut?" Slowly she moved deeper into the room making her way to the bedside her hand gently resting on her mother’s arm shaking her gently in hopes of getting some sorta of response out of the woman. "Miut? It is time to wake up now. Please." Thalia began to worry gently pulling her mother to lay on her back as she brought her fingers to the woman’s neck to check for a pulse, hoping that she was just in face scaring herself. Thalia let out a muffled sob as she found no pulse and she crumbled to the ground beside the bed her hands clinging to the woman’s clothes, "“You promised! You promised you would get better! Miut you can’t leave me!!”" She buried her face in the blankets that surrounded the older woman as the tears fell in floods from her eyes her whole body shaking with the spasms of her pain. That day changed everything for Thalia.

Your player name: Telish
How you found us: Advertising!
Anything else you wish to include: I have added a familiar using the one coin I gain.

Olympia - Golden Eagle


Willow Malloy
Female Single No love No children.
But your ghost, it keeps me awake.

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