White balls available early next week, but........

The long awaited new-generation and white colored Matt balls will arrive early next week. Matt shipped them today from Connecticut after testing them last night. However, these are not the same as the other two batches of balls we have been using - the Matt Generation II ball (which is green in color)and the Matt Generation III ball (the tannish colored one).

The Gen III ball has never been available for sale as I only had a few samples of them. Today, only 1 exists today for our use down here in Florida. The difference between the Matt II and Matt III ball was that the III had a special additive to it, to help fill in air pockets which are in the green Gen II balls. Though not really an issue, the Gen III balls appeared to be very fast, especially when warmed up. Perhaps too fast on our small 84 foot long court.

The new balls will now be white and after throwing the new ball around for a few minutes, no white electrical tape will need to be added to them. When the balls are brand new, they will have a different bounce off the wall, thus the need for the tape. The tape also is to keep the green ball from blending in with the walls, which are green of course.

The new issue is that these new Matt Generation IV balls are slightly lighter than the II and III's. Yes, they are white, but they appear to be "slower" than other Matt balls. However, this might be a good thing, as the real pelota is approx. 124 grams. The old Matt balls were around 142 grams. Being lighter, the balls might be about the weight of the real McCoy. The sizes in diameter are dead on - the Matt ball is 64mm, and the real pelota is 63mm. The only issue is, the ball appears to be slower. However, Matt thinks this ball might be ideal for our court in the long run, with a chance of less injuries on top of it. Matt's court is 112 foot long with width of 32 feet and a 4 foot out of bounds area.

If these new balls are not acceptable, I can return them to Matt, who is expecting another batch to come in regardless. These balls were simply not fast enough for his bigger court. I will text members when the balls are in. Matt also stressed to give the new balls some time to get adjusted to. We will keep you posted on the results of the testing. The new ball might even be better on the cestas and wear and tear on one's throwing arm. The lacrosse ball was much heavier and we all know the destruction that super putty thing did!

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