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11th Lit & Comp

India Evans
Mrs. Bajo
22 September 2015
The Crucible Statement Essay

It is often said that a person is innocent until proven guilty and it is true.
If a person were to do something in their defense they cannot be seen as guilty unless there is some type of proof linked to them. This goes for a court case or just in everyday life. There are situations that happen every day all over the world where someone has been accused of something they have not done. Within a court room it has to be proven that the certain suspect has done. The main thing that determines that is known as proof or evidence. Evidence is things that tie the suspect to the crime or action. Some evidence can come in the form of physical or electronic. Physical meaning things used to commit the crime. Electronic evidence can be cameras that might have caught the crime. Whenever there is bagged evidence in a court room they are called exhibits. When evidence is used against the suspect or person it is very hard to believe that they are not guilty of the crime. Evidence plays a whole role in all court cases.
The same thing applies when it comes to everyday situations whether
They are very huge or really small. The situation has to be treated as if was in a court, meaning there still has to be some type of proof. There is a show that goes by the name of How to Get Away with Murder where there are cases and the main character and her group of law students have to solve cases and find as many pieces of evidence they can building up the day of the case. In one of the cases a young women named Rebecca was accused of murdering a girl, but she was found not guilty because of the opposing team’s lack of evidence. There was a time when I was little and a former classmate accused me of stealing her help kitty pen. When the teacher asked her how she knew that I was the one who stole it from her she shook her head and replied “I don’t know”. As a result she was the one to get in trouble because she had no proof of me stealing her pen.

Many things happen like that all the time and have happen to me more
Than once in my life. People accuse others of things all the time it just depends on whether the person can back up what they are saying with some type of evidence or proof. In a case when there is proof against them the person will be seen as guilty. If there is ever a situation where there is no type of evidence or proof present then that is when the person is not guilty. Only when that happens is someone being innocent because there is nothing that can be held against them for any reason.

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