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Good Night, Moon (semi-realistic dog roleplay)

These dogs were moonbound.

Earth has warmed enough that Antarctica is the only inhabitable landmass and humans were determined to use the moon as a base for their space operation; a sort of launching pad for their eventual trip to Mars. Before humans could embark, however, dogs must test their new equipment. They were the test subjects. The trailblazers. The rocketeers. This trip was deemed Project Moonglow.

Many dogs had a one-way ticket. The scientists considered it a necessary sacrifice. As Earth heated up further and ice continued to melt, a prehistoric virus, Vostok-A, awoke and ravaged the last human colonies with a wasting disease. Non-human animals were unaffected. Humans, for better or worse, became extinct. Their dogs had to learn how to survive in the Antarctic prairies, forests, and hills on their own.

Above the Earth flew a spacecraft. Its trip lasted three months and four days and its cargo consisted of a large dog pack, food, water, life support systems, and monitoring equipment. On its final day, it returned home automatically and opened to free its passengers.

The Moonglow Rocketeers, as the space dogs were called, became antisocial toward any canines who were never on one of the many vessels that entered orbit. The Earthhounds reacted with similar hostility toward the Moonglow Rocketeers.

The two factions remain enemies to this day, but their goal is the same.


Coders/artists wanted

Good Night, Moon
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