Re(2): Mother cat nursing problems.

Dear Mommy Am;

After writing that earlier response to you, I thought some more about it and think maybe that was not the best idea. Here are a couple more that might be better.
What would you think about cutting some bandaid tape small and wrapping the kittens' claws, so they would not be clawing their poor mommy so much? Yes, they will probably chew off the tapes after they eat, but it would at least give her a bit of a break.
My next idea is even more weird. What would you think about taking an old ankle sock and cutting the foot off of it, so Bunny would fit inside the ankle part of it -- with holes cut in it where her nipples are, so the babies could find them but would be clawing only the sock, not her tender skin?
I truly hope something here will be helpful. Do let me know how it all works out.

Best wishes always,
- Dear Tabby


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