Rained out performance has players asking WTF?

Last nights rained out performance has left 3 players driving home wondering, WTF happened? Did Bobby Henry, the Seminole Tribe Medicine Man and Rainmaker have something to do with it??

Luis and Laca were testing the new white ball for nearly an hour in bright sunny weather when a few sprinkles started to fall. They looked up at the sky and saw nothing but a small white cumulus cloud above them. They figured it would stop because there were no dark clouds at all. Then it kept raining. Then started to rain harder. Again, Laca and Luis looked up to the sky and saw nothing but a small white cloud above them.

After about 10 minutes and the court getting soaked, they left. Then Paul H showed up, thinking he could practice a little bit. The rain never stopped for at least 40 minutes. There were no dark clouds in site. My drive home on 62nd found the streets flooded all the way to 21st St. when there was nothing but dryness from that point westward. There was no signs of on the radar of any rain.

You would have had to have been there to believe it.

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