Re(5): Mother cat nursing problems.

Hello Tabby,
I'm afraid I have some tragic news this night as I went out to get my car license renewed and when I returned I discovered Smokey had passed away. He was the one my mother caught, and the first one I found. He seemed fine before I left he was playing in the pet taxi they stay in with their mother,But He had lost weight since his siblings came in the house, and we discovered tonight that they were hungry, as the two remaining kittens started chewing on our hands and fingers when my mother and I played with them. Now it's after midnight here so all the stores are closed, but the internet had a recipe for emergency kitten formula that called for cows milk egg yolk and corn oil, that I used to make them something to hold them over.Only I don't have any corn oil. Think it'll be alright I can pick up some KMR. tomorrow morning.Anyway they ate it a lot of it they ate 4 cc's apiece and still wanted more. Tabby I swear to you I thought Bunny was feeding them, at least She trys and last night little Smokey had spit up in his bed. Does that sound like a starving kitten to you? It was even curdled milk so I thought He must just have a little tummy ache like human baby's get they spit up all the time.Do you think I starved Smokey? I didn't mean to like I said I thought Bunny was feeding him anyway the kittens are going to the vet in the morning, but just thought I'd keep you updated, and I kind of needed to tell someone about my poor baby Smokey. Thanks for everything, that's about it for this sad update. Mommy Am.;

PS. Sorry about double posting but as it showed up right after my first post last month when I posted the first time, I was afraid you'd miss it, so I posted it here again Sorry. Mommy Am.


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