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I donít think the pressure of fitting in at high school are greater than any other point in oneís life. Being in high school to me means that you are smart enough to pass 8 other grades. If you went through Elementary school and Middle school without being popular then you can do the same in High school. Many people see High School as a Popularity Contest.

∑ Who Can Get The Most Boys?

∑ Who Has The Hottest Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?

∑ Which Girl Is The Prettiest?

∑ Are You Cool Enough To Fit In With A Group?

∑ Who Has The Most Friends?

Everyone asks these questions. But in Reality none of this matters. Ask yourself when you become an adult does it really matter if you had the Hottest Boyfriend or Girlfriend in High school. No, because first off: You might not even see him or her again ever in your life. Second of all: Itís just a boyfriend or a girlfriend, itís not your wife or husband that youíll spend your life with. What really matters is that you pass all your classes and graduate. Almost every year 71 percent of High School students donít graduate because they get bullied and because they feel like they donít fit in. So that means only 21 percent of students graduate. The big issue of High school right now is fitting in. And if you donít then you get bullied by others. And itís not the victims fault. The children of different schools need to start making changes. If thereís a new student, be the one to show them around. Help them make friends, Better yet, be their friend. Introduce them to other people around town. Make them feel safe at school and the town they live in. But because some students donít do that, it makes some people feel like they donít belong -They donít fit in- Itís never the fact that the student has done something bad to every single person in the school. Donít judge a person because of how they look. The meanest person could be the sweetest child youíll ever meet. Always try to look at it from the lower hand side. Imagine you take the lower hand of the situation and youíre the one who gets bullied and feels like they donít belong in that school. It wouldnít feel so good. No child should have to go through that.

Spending all of high school trying to fit in and be the popular one will have a very bad impact on how you act as an adult. When youíre grown up and get a Job, Being the popular one will never matter to anyone. If you think that matters then you are surely to be fired. Making friends will also give you a hard time. Thinking you have to be the most Popular and the Prettiest of the group will turn your friends against you.

In conclusion, It doesnít matter if you fit in during high school or not. What matters is you get through all the tough times you may go through and graduate and go with your life. And from then on youíll realize being popular and fitting in at High School didnít matter.


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