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Iyana Kearse Oct.3.15

701 English language Arts

English Language Arts

Statement-“The pressures of fitting in at high school are greater than any other point in ones life”

I disagree with the statement “The pressures of fitting in at high school are greater than any other point in ones life” because in high school its the start of your career so its actually the point where your grades matter the most. In order for your grades to be at their best you need to be focused on studying and less on trying to fit in the popular crowd.Teenagers are starting to go through a phase when they want to be accepted, but its accepted for all the wrong reasons.What teens should learn is that
if other people don't like you for who you are then they are irrelevant, you do not need to change yourself just to please them.You don't need to worry about other people just take care of yourself, in my research trying to fit in with the “popular crowd” usually partakes in a lot of depressing events. For example trying to fit in usually leads to eating disorders the most common is anorexia. Some female teens get anorexia for either trying to fit in with cheerleaders or getting bullied about their weight,which leads to brain damage,infertility shutdown of major body systems,and extreme high rate of death. Also trying to fit in leads to dangerous encounters with alcohol and drugs,in my research I've found out that some teens get guided to alcohol and drug problems because they want to fit in. For example some teens already smoke and drink but other teens want to be “popular” and join in on there bad choices. which leads to brain disease,changes in the structure and function of the brain, inflamed liver, alcoholic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, and Death. Teens need to realize the world is tricky meaning that some things may look fun in high school like smoking, drinking, being an anorexic, but high school ends and then its life so your stuck with all those bad choices because it reflects in higher risks for a lot of things. What I've learned in middle school is that some kids brake off in groups which puts labels on everything and everyone for example “popular”means to be liked and admired by many people, meaning what children and teens want the most is attention. Form experience I've witnessed teenage young ladies start wearing inappropriate clothes for attention, but like i said its the wrong kind of attention.Which leads to sexual harassment and you can become a sex object for the boys in your school who thinks like a pervert.
Im going to give an example of an fictional story that describes one of the examples and problems of trying to “fit in” can cause. A girl named Marthiana went to Specific Coast Academy high school and she was a very shy and withdrawn girl. She was in 9th grade and her friends from middle school ignored her because she wasn’t very popular. She wanted to be a cheerleader for her whole life but wasn't fit enough to join. The first day of school there was tryouts for cheerleading and she went for the first time because she wanted to be special. The head cheerleader said “next”and Marthiana was so scared that when she started dancing she stubbled on a part and fell, and all the cheerleaders that were watching started laughing and shouting out things like “whats wrong fatty didn't get the memo that only girls who can fit there jeans can join” and “The reason she fell is probably because she went about 2 hours without a phili cheese steak”. Marthiana ran out crying all the way home, she started thinking very suicidal things and got a knife and started cutting her arm. She felt like someone ran her over with a bulldozer and started laughing in your face while she was laying on the floor. The bed was covered in blood and she cried herself to sleep. Marthiana is an sleep talker so she says what she feels in her sleep around 12am she started screaming “why me why me!”. She woke up around 4am and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and said “Im going to make that team ill do anything”.Around 6am Mathiana’s mother brung her breakfast, her family eats at the table in the morning so she dose stuff her food in her mouth but as soon as she got to her room she runs to the bathroom a throws up all her food and smiles.During the next 6 weeks she's been doing the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and now its re tryouts for cheerleading and she lost a unhealthy amount of weight and has been experiencing migraines, heart aches, and has been fainting in class and she's been very weak. The day of the tryouts the head cheerleader once again says “next” and she walks in and says hello I'm Marthiana Vandervault and the head cheerleader says“havent we seen you before” “yes” Marthiana says “lets see what you've got” head cheerleader says . Marthina starts doing her routine and half way though it she got very weak and decides not to do a flip. At the end of tryouts the cheerleaders decide on 2 new girls they picked Marthiana and another girl named Recbecca for the new team. They both start jumping and screaming but Marthiana gets lightheaded and faints and wakes up in the nurses office noticing the nurse is trying to give her a granola bar, she eats the granola bar but cant keep it down so she runs to the bathroom and chocks its it up and says “i wonder what the cheerleaders said”. She waits for her mother to pick her up in the main office and thinks the same thing over and over she needs to throw up the food. She gets home and she eats dinner and after she dose eating her routine and throws it up but this time there was blood and she couldn't feel her body and she falls to the floor, “thump” her parents heard it and immediately called the ambulance and while their waiting her mother starts crying while her little brother gets anxious and her father gets upset because they didn't get any news yet. She went into the emergency around 10pm and her parents got the news at 10:23pm Marthiana Vandervault passed away at exactly 10:22pm for mount nourishment and brain damage. The sad thing is that she was only 15 years old and died because she wanted to fit in, don't be her and use your education as your guide. This story was based on the statement “the pressures of fitting in at high school are greater then any other point in ones life”. Now you choose your path in life either success or Death.

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