Re(1): ADAK - Sept 2015 photos

I don't remember the foxes, but there
were plenty of stray dogs and freaking
eagles. There were WWII Quonset huts
with Sears and Robuck lingerie adds
on the walls (no Playboy mags in WWII).
Had a whale wash ashore, and one of the
guys wanted his picture taken standing
on it. He of course came out spelling
a bit rank. Single enlisted men had to
have special permits to visit anyone in
the Navsta base housing. Had a Second
Class CT whose wife was apparently
inviting one over when hubby was at
work. She was sent back to the states,
and he joined the rest of us frustrated
guys in the barracks. We had marathon
poker games in the barracks that went
on for days, and played football in
the snow. Lots of memories from the


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