Expose yourself to your deepest fears, after that you are free.

Name: Astra
Biological sex: Female
Skin colour: Pale with freckles
Hair colour: Auburn
Eye colour: Blue-ish grey
Defects: None
Your player name: Telish
How you found out about us: Already here

Detailed appearance: One could describe Astra as short for her age as well as skinny but well muscled, she has pale skin that is littered with freckles. Astra's body is fairly well developed that she hides under baggy thick clothes as she always seems to be a little on the colder side. The girl has fiery red hair and blueish grey eyes and a small scar on her jaw bone that goes from the bottom of her right ear to the middle of her jaw bone.

Personality: Astra can be very cold at times using this mostly to protect herself, once you get past that hard and cold shell Astra is a fairly kind person and loves to be around people. She also has a love of animals and an even bigger love for protecting people. She is intelligent and a quick thinker.

Ambitions: To become a Knight. To move out of her Aunt and Uncle's house and make a life for herself.
Age: 15
Heritage: FrenchXIrish
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

History: Astra's life started out like any other childs, she was born to Aragorn and Mavis Beline. For years Astra had grown up a normal life with a normal family not knowing how quickly that normality was going to be taken from her, to this day Astra still knows very little about what happened that day as her aunt and uncle do not talk about it. All Astra could fully remember was that she had come home one day and the house had been broken into, things had been thrown everywhere and her parents laid dead in the middle of it. She had been quickly shipped off to her Aunt and Uncle's and was told to never speak of it again. That day had changed Astra drastically from the out going and friendly girl to a cold and distance young woman, she had been forced to grow up and she couldn't bring herself to trust people easily anymore. After she had been moved into her Aunt and Uncle's house she began training and training hard to become a Knight. She would never be weak.

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