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Reese Stewart
Professor Stiff
Honors English 10
Deep Thoughts Response
It's more difficult to forgive yourself if the person you hurt doesn't forgive you. When you hurt someone, whether it is on accident or on prupose, most people feel bad afterwards. People usually want to apologize right away and ask for forgiveness. It makes it harder to forgive yourself though if the person does not forgive you in any way. Any person would always want to get that guilt off of their chest in any way possibe. For example, if you hurt somebody in a horrible way, they may never forgive you. Then you won't be able to feel better about yourself because you will still feel guilty. I know from experience that even if you hurt someone unintentionally you will feel terrible. One time I lied to my friend because I didn't want to hurt her, but in the end she was even more hurt. She didn't forgive me for a while and that made me not be able to forgive myself for what I did. I always felt so horrible and apologized several times. When she eventually forgave me I could then forgive myself and not have any more guilt. If someone keeps hurting a friend, then that will make the friend not want to forgive you even more. That person will live with guilt and will not be able to ever forgive themselves for whatever they did. Some people may not even care whether they are forgiven or not and will keep hurting people. I have been hurt by many people. One of them has lied to me and hurt me more than once. I forgave him a few times, but now I know not to anymore. He always tells me he feels bad for what he's done and he always apologizes. He even told me that I did not have to forgive him but he wanted me to know he was sorry. Also, he says that he hates knowing that he hurt me unintentionally and regrets it. Forgiving someone is a serious deal. Some people don't always deserve forgiveness. If you hurt someone and they don't forgive you, it will always make it harder to forgive yourself.

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