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[FICKLE] An equine RPG that makes role-playing fun again


a modern equine RPG

Remember back when you first started playing equine RPGs? Things were fresh, fun, new. You eagerly looked forward to posting; it wasn't a chore. Each new reply was exciting; it didn't feel like just another item added to your to-do list. Wouldn't you love to play like that again?

With Fickle, you can.

Fickle is a play-by-post equine RPG that makes role-playing fun again.

  • Short posts of high quality mean players can be more active
  • New game with open plot lets you make your mark
  • Site optimized for mobile and desktop so you can play anywhere you have internet access
  • Site doesn't rely on outside technology, so there is less downtime

Fickle is currently in development and looking for beta testers!

Join Now for Early Access to Fickle

Fickle horse partial image

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