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deep thoughts

Ariana Zimmerman
Mrs. stiff
Honors English 10
I do not believe that it is more difficult to forgive yourself the person you have hurt doesn't forgive you. Yes, I do understand where people could say you can't truly forgive yourself knowing the person you hurt is mad. Some people feel that knowing some is hurt is what's hurting them. But I believe how could you ever feel better unless you forgave yourself. You need to go to the person you hurt and tell them you are truly sorry. After saying that the ball is there court. It's up to them whether or not they forgive you. But if you forgive yourself you are free from the feeling of guilt. You've mad it known you are sorry and if that person cannot forgive you that's there problem. You can't walk around having to deal with other people insecurities. If a person can't find it in themselves to forgive you them, whatever let yourself be free from that. They are the ones who are unable to forgive, so why should you be stuck dealing with it. That's the problem, a lot of people don't think the way I do. That must suck for the because it cause people to get wrapped up in that and never let things go. one thing that comes with the statement, is if you can forgive you yourself them it should be super easy to forgive other people. Also, if you want someone else to forgive you, then you need to be able to forgive them. Life is a crazy thing and its always moving forward, and I now I don't have time to be stuck in the past and why wait for a person to forgive me, why would I ask it upon myself. Everyone in life has a choice, how they are going to live and choices you make a teen will affect your choices as an adult, also what you learn now will effect your adult life as well. So if I know now how to forgive myself an fathers later in life it will be easy. Also doing things were I should need to be forgiven a lot would help too.

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