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eisenhower higschool deep though p.2

Ariana Zimmerman
Mrs. stiff
Honors English 10
I believe that people are innocent in till proven guilty. This is something taught in everyday life along with government in America. I believe everyone is generally a good person and she have a chance to prove when accused of something. As a teen girl I really understand this one. Girls tend to make things u that never happened r spread rumors. Something I've learned is too check the source of the rumor. IF you hear something don't believe it in till you can prove that it happened. It's really easy to believe everything you hear but, it pays off to fact check and don't believe someone did something in till you can prove them guilty. This can also have something to do with anger, if someone is mad at someone them they might just think they are "guilty" and not give them a chance to prove them self. It's really easy to believe what you hear and go with it and believe but that's something that should be checked. But after part 1 of the crucible I learned that many people really don't believe, innocent in till proven guilty. The witch trails really were proof of that. These witch trials really did prove the need for separation of church and state. A lot of people struggle with the idea of clear mind and fact checking. Now a day's it's so much better but also worse. Now we have the internet which leads to rumors and lies moving faster but also room for facts to be checked faster and easier. one thing should be expressed is right to trail in court but sometimes the justice system isnt also the most reliable system.

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