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Deep thoughts responce

Ulloa 6th
I believe that It is better to die for what you believe in rather than to lie to save your life. For me personally If I was told to deny God as my savior and that if I didn't deny him I would be killed, I will never deny God even if it costs me my life, I know that God is real and I will always stand by his word. I will never deny him because if God is not real then I wasted my life, but if God is real everyone who does not believe in him and does not live by the Bible will have wasted their eternity. People usually turn away when you speak to them about God because they feel like Christians are just living a lie and that everything is in our heads, I cannot judge those people because I am not God, God will judge us the day he comes, these judgements will tell us if we did everything we could to live for him, and they will also tell us where we will spend the rest of our eternity, we will either spend it in hell or in heaven. I will always stand by God even if humans hate me for it, I do not care if I am killed by someone just because I stand by God, there is really no point in lying just to save this life because that lie that saved your life could have taken the opportunity to spend your eternity in heaven with Jesus. Why would you spend your whole life following what you believe but just quit when you encounter a death or life situation, it just doesn't make sense, when you start something you must carry on with it until you die or until God comes. We must learn to live like it is our last day alive, by me saying this I do not mean that you should go and do crazy things like drugs, you should just spend the free time you have by praying, reading the bible and worshiping God. For me personally I would rather lose everything but still have God, rather than have everything I ever wanted but not have God. We as humans should spend most of our time searching for God, for a way to get closer to him. I always thank God for everything he has done in me because If he hadn't been there for me I would most likely be in juby or I would have been taken away from my parents. Without God I am nothing but a sinner, but with God I am a forgiven, changed and saved sinner, I have changed my ways. I try not to sin like I used to, but it's really hard because even lying is a sin. I can agree with the people who say that living for God can be really hard because you have to watch your every move, you also have to deal with satan who is always trying to make you believe the lies he tell you

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