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Its difficult to forgive yourself if the person you hurt doesn't forgive you

It's more difficult to forgive yourself if the person you hurt doesn't forgive you
I believe in some cases this statement is true, I guess it just depends on what. For example If you know that a relationship is on the line you will try everything you have to get the apology accepted. And when the apology is not accepted you will be more upset with yourself for letting this happen. This is also true because you would know that the person is upset about the problem and you can do nothing to change it.
It is more difficult to forgive yourself if the person you have hurt doesn't forgive you. When you truly feel badly about hurting another, it bothers your conscience. It's hard to stop thinking about it. It's hard to stop feeling guilty. If the person you have hurt forgives you for what you have done, you start to feel better about the situation. It is easier to forgive yourself when the other person has forgiven you. But, if the person you have hurt won't forgive you, it becomes much more difficult to forgive yourself.
It is harder to know that someone didn't forgive you then to know that they forgave you and settled your differences and making a decision together that the relationship wasn't going to work. But at the same time if you ask them from the bottom of your heart and they still can't forgive then you know you did your part in forgiving yourself. You can also find ways to forgive yourself. You just have to remember that you're not a bad person and expect what you did and move on. It might be hard but it takes time. Most people can't forgive themselves because they don't think their worth forgiving.
Sometimes you might or might be forgiven, i guess it just depends on what it is. Or sometimes something aren't worth forgiving for example murder. I mean you did it out of hate but that's no excuse taking someone innocent life, like that not worth forgiving because it's something you did out of evil. It would be different if it was an accident murder. It's hard to explain but like that it worth forgiving to move on.
At the end sometimes forgiving yourself it just what you need instead of someone forgiving you. First step is to forgive yourself and then go out to reach to the other person if that's the next step you need to forgive yourself. You might be forgiven at point in your life but sometimes you can't move on from it cause you hold some much guilt and you think you're not worth but everyone is. You can't always hold a grudge against yourself or that person you are not willing to forgive. Forgiveness isn't always the key to move on, there are other ways to move on. Just learn to accept yourself most importantly in life and at the end that's all you need.

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