Re(1): my fixed cat is peeing the bed

Dear Daniela;

No no no no --- PLEASE don't give Kitty away. He is really not doing this to annoy you. (Although it seems like it!) When cats do this, there is always some kind of reason for it. Most often, your boy is having some kind of urinary difficulties. It seems boy cats are most often the victims of these troubles. Please take him to your vet for a good exam. In our house, our human gets us "urinary kibbles" at Walmart (which are no more expensive that other kibbles) and none of us have had a problem since then.
But there are a number of reasons for such a problem. Take a look at our opening screen. Under "Cat Care" you will see a list of topics. Take a look at "Litter Box Problems," and see if one of the ideas there is a help to you.
I'm hoping this problem can be easily solved, as it is a terrible thing for us cats to lose our home and our beloved humans.

-- Dear Tabby

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