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Security Cameras

Tori Vance
Mrs. McClure
2 November 2015
Security Cameras
I believe our Society would be safer if we had security cameras in public places to catch potential criminals. They would be a good way to catch criminals and it may prove them guilty or not in court, it would stop crimes before they even got started, and it would give a sense of security to a lot of families and friends.
People commit crimes every day and it is hard to determine who is guilty of them. If people knew there was a camera around then they wouldnít want to commit a crime. With Security cameras it will identify the person so the authorities can respond quickly to murders, robbers, shoplifting, vandalism, rape, assault, etc.Ö Cameras could also identify the vehicles they use to commit the crime with. We should want our family and friends to be safe and feel safer in our world we live in. It would be so much easier in our courts because why would there be any need of a lawyer arguing the case of someone if they were caught on camera. The video of the camera would be used as evidence against the criminal. Police could post the footage on television so someone may be able to identity the criminal. Shoplifting will make people feel that it is useless when they know they have to go to jail for it. I believe our crime rate would drop because one thing is for sure that cameras donít lie. These cameras could save money by cutting down on insurance that these places has to have on their facilities.
Security cameras would stop crime before it even got started. If someone were going to commit a crime and knew that there was a camera then they would not want to commit it, because of fear they would get caught. They will be those that would be more aware of their actions in public. This also could cut down on speeding and traffic violations as well. If you had nothing to hide then you wouldnít worry about the camera. People are horrible when it comes to remembering what happened or identify someone, however the security cameras would help with this.
The cameras would also give a sense of security to people and it would make people want to go out more. Everyone should want to feel safe at all times, this should be our top priority. The police canít be everywhere all at once and no one wants to go in an area where they donít feel safe. If there is a camera watching over them then people will start feeling more secure. I like to do things with my friends but there are places that my mom wonít let me go by myself because of fear of what can happen.
In conclusion, I believe that our society would be safer if we had security cameras in public places to catch potential criminals. People commit crimes every day and whether we can stop them or not can merely could depend on a camera. People are still innocent until proven guilty in our county. I believe it would be an easier way to find those guilty or not of crimes, and it could help stop crimes before they even got started. Everyone wants to not only feel free but safer in the world we live in, and there is nothing wrong with having both. Being unsecure makes people unhappy and life is too short to be unhappy so why not make our world a safer place to live in.

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