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my babehs

Chenzii-female-adult-aurora borealis

Mezic-male-adult-cold summers

Khaleesi-female-adult-aurora borealis

Daenerys-female-adult-saw tooth (probably going to kill her off if something catastrophic/warlike happens sitewide)

Summer-male-adult-bright moon

Adara-female-adult-moondown shadows (might kill her off if something sitewide happens)

Grey Wind-male-adult-abendrot

Azula-female-adult-abendrot (might kill her off if something sitewide happens)

Nymeria-female-older teen-loner?/moondown shadows? (not sure >< )

Aimery-male-older teen-in process of joining bright moon (previously abendrot) (might kill him off if something sitewide happens)

Valkyrie-female-adult-in process of joining malignant felicity (previously loner)

Kili-male-adult-loner (if something catastrophic/warlike happens sitewide I'm going to kill him off-only reason I'm keeping him)

Ghost-male-adult-andere seite

Tarly-male-pup-aurora borealis

Lupin-male-pup-in process of joining abendrot

Ygritte-female-adult-loner (will be joining abendrot though)

Shasta-female-pup-cold summer


I've never had a wolf that had died before and don't know if I need to mention that, Lady was a female teen in moondown shadows, I assume her name is available again since my charrie is dead, but she is still referenced in some plots, so just wanted to mention her!

OMG I have a lot of characters O.O I had no idea I had this many

Sorry I've been so unactive, vet school has been really time consuming and homesickness has made me unhappy so I have no muse =( I will be trying to get more active though, promise <3

  • *surfaces* -
    Hereee -
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    *Inhales* let it begin -
    mine -
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    Heh, only one this time 'round -
    i'm heeere -

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