New Matt balls arrive in Connecticut - good and bad news....

Here is the good news -Matt contacted me to let me know the new "Matt" balls are in. They appear to be fast like the Matt Gen 3 balls - of which only one is in existence in Florida. This is the fast tan colored ball that I pull out once in a while.

Here is the bad news. The balls are tan in color, not white. I guess the manufacturer did not want to risk making them differently and must have gone with the old style.

Matt will test them on his court Saturday and advise. Just from bouncing them on the ground, he noticed a big difference in the ball from the white ones that came in two months ago.

If they are OK, 101 more balls will be shipped and used in the tournament. If the ball is fast like the Gen 3 I have now, look for some fast jai-alai action out there from now on. It would actually be perfect for the Laca court.

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