RainDrop Issues

Hey tabby me again Mignon is all better tail is just fine took two days to get back to 100% but now i have an issue i've been avoiding for the past month rain Drop is Pooing outside her potty box She'll pee in the box But has also begun peeing in little Spits and spots threw out the house she'll lay down in the box once its cleaned just longe their tiull one of my other kitties comes to use it I moved her potty box and have tried several diffrent kitty litters even added another box to our house which let me tell you finding a spot for one more wasnt easy small akwardly laid out house built in multiple eras by coal miners anyway I tried every thing short of buying a larger box this all started affter Bunny came in and Mignon was big enough top use the box regularly She didnt have this issue with Dawn and Dusk, I know i need to have her checked out But was hopeing for your opinon before i did so As going to the vet is verry stress full for her and painfull for me as she hates the pet carrier and tears up my hands and arm,s when i try to get her in it Any Advice would be welcome managed to get her to stop pooing in the kitchen floor by placeing a small two tiered table in that area with a large box on the bottom but she has taklen over the guest bathroom with this pooing every time i turn around it seems probably exagerateing ..but any way I also wanted to ask about her Biteing she can be Lovey one minute and the next shes holding your hand with her claws while she bites the S**t Out of you to the point of drawing blood Any advice would help Thanks Mommy AM


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