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Re(6): New pic from June 29, 1999

I've just made a quick search on that facebook page and I found the messages with the info they posted and some questions and answers some people made to it:

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Tribute Page:
"This is kind of a major find for me. I found it on Korean Google of all things. The strange part is the date is 6/29/99. I wonder if this truly was just a couple of weeks before they died. I thought they were spending time on the Vineyard then. They look so vibrant and happy here."

Sarah Mosley:
"What a terrific find ... woo hoo!! Do we know where it was taken ... I wonder if it was in Korea, or a Korean event of some kind in the States? As you say, the date given is very interesting - if it's correct, then this is certainly the last published photo of J & C together. How can we find out more?! Emoticono wink"

Louise Lawrence:
"Carolyn's hair is darker and she's wearing a nude lip like she did in 1999 at the May 19 Newman's Own/George gala. I think the date on this photo is accurate, as this matches up how she looked after transitioning from her platinum blonde/red lip look. There are very few event pics of her with her new look."

Julia Mues
"What Do you think she is wearing? A Long scarf?"

Kathryn Wharton
"Is John wearing a cast here?"

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Tribute Page:
"I forgot about that. It does look like he has something white on his left ankle and he's kind of favoring it. I really wish we knew where it was taken and what the event was. At this point they were spending a lot of time with Anthony and Carole."

Sarah Mosley:
"I would say John almost certainly has a cast on his left ankle. This is intriguing Emoticono wink"

Beth Coomer Finley
":John had a cast on his ankle until a few days before the plane crashed. Lends authenticity to the date"

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