Re(2): Floor Furnace worries

Dear tabby What I'm Refering to is an old fashioned In floor Furnace(Floor Furnace Summary-As the name suggests, a floor furnace is placed in the floor and releases heat that is radiated into the rooms of the home through convection. Floor furnaces, while losing recognition among modern homes, are still quite relevant in older, traditional houses or homes without proper ventilation systems (The complete Floor Furnace Guide web site)) the heat all comes from this one Grate area about 3x4 Ft In size and this is whare all of the heat comes from for our house Theirs no little air vents that just get warm Like in my Aunt's homes This is the entire furnace right their and it can get really HOT Mignon likes to lie right over the piolet light area covering it with asbestos wont work as its what heats our home and is right in front of my bedroom,but thank you for trying. i guess all i can do Is Try to keep him off of it. hope you can see the included picture. And I appricate the suggestion,
Mommy Am


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