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Savannah Galluci
Mrs. Cawley
Academic English9
5 December 2015

I believe that having close friends is more important than being rich. I have this belief because I would not be able to get through life without my friends. Yes, having lots of money would probably be great, but personally I don’t think I could get the same enjoyment out of life if I did not have people to share my happiness with. I read a quote last year that changed my point of view on this subject. It read, “Some people are so poor, all they have is money”. At first this meant nothing to me, actually I was confused by it. How could one be poor if they had money? Money can typically get someone whatever they desire. But then thinking about it later that night as I starred at the ceiling in the dark, I realized what it was actually trying to share with me. People who don’t have much really learn to appreciate the people around them because those people are really all they have. And people who have more money than they need become greedy and forget what it feels like to be down to earth and have good relationships. Having more people around you instead of objects can be beneficial in so many ways. People can be really great if you find the right ones. They can show you different outlooks on things, make you laugh, and create memories with you, which in my opinion is priceless. Do not mistake having close friends with having a lot of friends. Having a lot of friends, although it can feel good at times, is not even close to having a few real friends. Having someone you can call at no matter what time and them answering and talking to you is so much more valuable than having many people you can make small talk with. Having a close relationship with someone can be so special. It is knowing the little things about a person like their birthday, or biggest fear, or even what brand of soup they prefer to get at the grocery store. Overall, money as you probably know already is absolutely fabulous to have. But how much value would life lose if you lost someone close to you. For me, it would be a lot. Friends, especially in today’s cut throat society, are so important to have. Money can buy you food, water, and shelter, but can it buy you the happiness and safety a close friend could bring you?

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