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Jessica Neddeau
Mrs. Cawley
Academic English 9
6 December 2015
I believe that being rich is not more important than having close friends. I believe this because having friends that you can talk to is much more important than being rich and having a lot of money. People need friends to talk to if they don't feel comfortable talking to a parent or relative. For example, if someone has a problem with someone or something, they can talk to a close friend for advice on how to solve the problem. You can also have less money and still have really close friends. Now, being rich does not matter on how many friends you have or don't have. Being rich doesn't really affect anything. It mainly affects what you can buy. Some people who are rich have a lot of nice things and sometimes brag about what they have to those who are less fortunate. That's one reason having close friends is more important than being rich.
Another reason is that you can do things with friends. For example, you can do things like out bowling or go to lunch or dinner and get to be with them and let them know that you are there as a friend and for them to let you know that they are there as a friend to you. With money, all you can really do is spend it or save it and then buy something with it.
A third reason I believe that friends are more important than being rich is because if you were to go suddenly poor and you couldn't support your family with food, shelter, and clothes, your close friends would probably be willing to help you out if they knew what happened. They would probably also let you stay with them in their home for a while until you could find a job and buy some type of home, whether it be a condo, an apartment, or an actual house.
Finally, being rich has many different definitions. You can be rich with friends too, not just money. A way you can be rich with friends is if you have a lot, or even a few, friends who are honest with you, care about you, and are there for you whenever you need them there for whatever reason, whether it be for support when your down, money if you need it, or just someone you can talk to if you're going through a tough time.

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