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When I was around 8 yrs. old, my mom was dealing with some bad things happening. The lights kept going off and on on their own along with the radio. When she was at work she ended up not being able to move and the paramedics had to shoot her with muscle relaxer. Sleep walker she woke up sitting next to the stairwell, fingers covered in blood clawing at the walls. Punishing me for locking the doors from the inside out, which is impossible to do. I was sitting in the park with a boy he's a friend we went to talking suddenly about what to do if dog attacked. Would you run. He left going home across this park out across from my place. Around 7 dogs at the other end of park barking saw me and took chase as I ran for home hardly making it half way there when surrounded by them. Different breeds, the german shepard lunged several times at my throat, side stepping, the dogs went around behind and went after the back of my ankles, but because of wearing black boots, prevented them from tearing open. The other dogs went from my mid stomach trying to tear it open. I thought was a goner. The german shepard went to lunging again, but still on its hind legs was pulled back and held by an invisible force. Was I think back it my cats had 60 them half wild in the park If so I did not see them or notice. It appeared he went to lung and was held again, and than all the dogs acted like they were being chased by something. My friend showed up the next week with the worst mutilation I've ever seen. His head was sewn together, no hair. It was bad, he had rolled in a ball when they caught up with him, and tore his head up. The following week, I was in my yard and felt a hundred bee stings on my foot, nothing I could see to do the injury I nearly died of blood loss, whole side of foot was sliced open and had to be held together until sewn. A month later I was running around in the park again, finally able to walk. I felt something wet on the side of my foot. Looked down and the side of my foot were two big round holes, and skin were flaps open with fat and tissue falling out. Nothing was nearby that could of caused this, and limping home I had the side of my foot graphed back on. I feel had been attacked by an unknown creature. It wasn't until 40 yrs later that I would run into this creature again or a different one. Walking to store, a large full grown spruce tree was waving back and fourth like something large was climbing it nearby an apartment complex, and circling was expecting to find a burgler or perv. Neither there was nothing could see, and than the tree went down like a wet noodle. Two stories up, along the side of building the cables were pulled out and dropped to the ground, a bird was thrown at my feet with its head missing and blood spurting everywhere. I moved my feet that felt like molasses to the nearest public place. The tree was cut down, and after mentioning what seen they put a fence up blocking the area of trees and people going through. What happen to the tree is a mystery, it was like a crop circle, steamed bent. There is much more lots more had happen with cryptic encounters. UFO hunter showed me ID's many pictures of encounters from others. I did not see any of these grays, talls, and lizards like people. I seen another, a tall black figure, no mouth or nose, large round orange disc, around 6 foot tall. Acted just like a human except he hid in the forest when pointed out only popping out to motion me to follow. Like a Dover Demon , it was not a human. Maybe robot but not human.


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