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Re(1): Brazil Attacks

I am so dam angry , pissed off because a group of people are blocking ,hijacking my computer, preventing me from sharing to talking with others like me having to deal with these things. I want to be able to talk with these people , MUFON , and ufo investigators in my area but blocked from doing so. I want to share my videos and pictures and discuss them with people like me, but not a freaking place to go to online to discuss, just like not a place to go to to talk and date here in location, because hijackers keep sending me to a place to get my email and play me constantly. This is imprisonment, sabotage, and hurting. While stealing my things, using it, rediculing, tand preventing the truth to be known. This is a major crime by you , who ever you are hijacking and installing your self and control over me. You are the monsters. Worse than any of the things going on with me. Your attacks , cut offs and isolation, I would rather of been beaten daily than this kind of mental abuse. ITS BULL ####. To be victimized all around.

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