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the shifting sands.

Name: Sionnach
Biological sex: Female
Skin colour: Light brown.
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Grey
Defects: Missing his right pinky. Haemophiliac.
Your player name: TheFoxPrince
How you found out about us: Browsing about.

Personality: He is very changeable. He tries to be nice however, and has a deep reverance for animal life. He doesn't for human life due to his profession, but tries. He genuinely tries to be friendly, to help people. He wishes he wasn't a pirate. But he also has the anger of a thousand suns in his mind, as well as pain. He sees the world from a vaguely distorted, almost delusional point of view. Struggles to believe people are telling the truth. Thinks he is always being used, and is subconsciously the biggest cynic. He calls himself a realist.
He has borderline personality disorder and adhd.
Detailed appearance: His hair is short, a little fluffy but cut short. He has a dragon tattoo from his ankle to his collarbone - the tail winds around his left leg until it joins his tailbone as if it was his own tail, and the legs go down the back of his thighs with the body on his back, and the claws on his shoulder with it's head around his neck. Also has various animal prints on his right leg from his ankle to his hip, ranging from deer tracks to bird tracks. On his torso is a man with his head down, feet shackled, his arms spread holding a world on his back - it is not Earth as is obvious from the continents. The man is chained to the world and seems to have black flecks on his body, which Sionnach will tell you are meant to be stars. The tattoos are well done but with cheap, improvised, old equipment and so leaves a little to be desired. Not coloured in.
He has ugly scars on his chest from a vague kind of top surgery from his homeworld as well as a scar over his eye.
Ambitions: He kind of wants to have a family, but honestly want to have an education more than anything else. He spent a lot of time thinking having a family was impossible.
Age: 23
Ethnicity: He is from a planet he never learned the name of, from a desert. His people are known as 'Wasters'.
Gender: Male - transgender
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual - gender means nothing to him.
Religion: He never learnt much about gods, so agnostic until he learns more.

History: Sionnach is from a land he never knew the name of, with shifting sands and beating, relentless sun. The cities were built from sandstone and outside of the city people used canvas houses, riding giant scorpions as mounts and using what we would think as weird, unihorned oxen as pack animals. He lived outside the city nine times out of ten, in fact remembers very little about the cities apart from the fact the capital of the desert is known as Dar'Shkaan.
Sionnach spent his time around a small oasis that never even made it onto maps with a small group of sand pirates, which his mother belonged to. They were not really intelligent, cunning pirates, they used agility and training and numbers to overwhelm trading caravans for their food and clothes. They very rarely visited the city apart from the one time that they took the kids of the camp to be inoculated against the deadliest disease in the desert. As a result of this, Sionnach has limited reading or writing if any, and really only knows the symbols for what in his language would say "The Sand Strikes". Academically wise, he is very behind compared to people who went to school in his land, and exponentially behind someone from Earth.
He has a good grasp of desert survival techiniques and spent a short time in a jungle, so is somewhat proficient at forestry. He is an excellent rider of scorpions, for what good it may do him in Shaman. He is very well trained in use of his tulwar and his karambit
The people from Dar'Shkaan looked down on transgender people which was one of the main reasons he never went. The pirates he lived with however were very accomodating and he doesn't really know how to deal with someone who disagrees.

Sample post: - This is Sionnach entering Shaman -
His eyes filled with sand as he fell to the ground, arrow sticking out of his back.
"Gessh! Sion is down! Get him!"
They were doing a raid on a caravan that the sandstorm had hidden from them until it was late, and they almost didn't have time to plain the raid. Now of course, they realised that the sandstorm was deliberate. The sand mage on the caravan had conjured it to keep them safe, and the guards had had plenty of him to prepare.
Sionnach could hear Gessh's gentle steps coming closer to him, and the vague din of his people fighting to overtake the caravan in the back ground.
"What the--?!"
Gessh fell backwards and scrambled away from Sionnach, and he barely managed to lift his head to see the sand begin to swirl about five feet away from him, until it came closer, surrounding him. The pain in his back stopped him from caring, assuming it was the sand mage trying to cut Gessh off from him. When it started to dip into a pit, he almost cared - almost.
And then the sand in his eyes totally obscured his view. He remembered vaguely thinking that he was glad he still had his weapons on his belt, as well as his survival kit. He remembered vaguely wishing he could say goodbye to his mother, or grab a drink of wine. His body screamed at him to move, to crawl however useless it was to the edge and reach for Gessh, but something in his mind told him that it was okay. That this was not where it ended, and if it was, it would not be painful.
Everything dipped into blackness, and Sion felt the sand drain away from his eyes, so he cracked one open carefully.
It was pitch black. His first thought was that he had fallen into a cave of some sort, but the air was too clear and fresh for that. He felt the arrow in his back be broken off and gently removed, but the wound was kept open. He tried to look for whoever had helped him, but there was a gentle kick on the small of his back and he began falling, falling endlessly, until he blacked out.
He would not wake up in the desert.
Anything else you wish to include: Bank the coin, please.

    • accepted -

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