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Re(1): Jet chased

I found out why you guys keep hijacking my everything and stealing. You want to cover up proof that the virgin mary was nothing but a physical condition which I can prove exists. Religious people want to keep that from coming out because it would put all religion to question, and than science would rule. You hate that don't you? You can't stand what I can prove with my videos to what I'm saying and can prove prediction wise about earthquakes. You picked on me for getting assistance for kid, but I never received assistance for myself and the gov. stole my money. The doctors and gov. all ignore my rights. The gov. takes over doctor patient confidentality to get involved in ones personal health issues, coincidence when they want to dissect me? Sure. Just like its a coincidence that years someone has stalked me out from my jobs to relationship, and sabotage , cut off, isolated like the CDC would, and yet I was born this way with out anything transferrable. Trickery to get e-mail and account info. to stalk, take over and harass to death by a group of terrorist criminals with a personal issue with me. Vendetta, with criminal intent. Intent to steal , cut off isolate, and kill. Cover up, organ harvest, dissec, and call me a liar when I can prove everything i say is true, you cover up. So you are a deceiver, twister of truth and a liar who wants to cover up, and why is the question. Why for so many years attack a cripple, steal from a cripple, take from and cut off and prevent ? Why, what have I done to deserve this. Even sick sadistic, what do you get off being attracted to me, how did you find me in the first place, and how did it become your ambition to crush everything about me into non existence? I am atheist, you pushed me to hate a god complexity. I will now crush all religions including Satan worshippers. Die mother ####ers die.

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