Poor little Bunny's hard life.

Hey Tabby I was visiting Mommy Am my daughter a little while ago, anyway I was showing her a page on the computer and didn't pay attention when I sat down, and sat on poor little Bunny. Now she didn't scream but she got out if the chair really fast and when Am picked her up to comfort her and I stroked her side to appoligise she made a noise like maybe her ribs hurt? Now I am a rather large woman,and poor little bunny is a small cat, She seems to be eating and she played with her baby Stormy a little too, and she seems fine when Am holds her except when she touches one place on her side, but even then as long as she doesn't touch it hard she seems fine even purring and even wrestled with Am a bit. But she seems to be very mad at me. Should we find an emergency vet I think theirs one about 100 miles away and have her looked at tonight?


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