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Re(1): Liver & Gallbladder flush

If I may intervene...

The extra virgin olive oil does help the gallbladder to contract, but the stone size can be very risky and the flush can lodge the stone into a duct. A very small amount for gallbladder assistance is okay without a large stone present. A lot of the extra virgin olive oil alone can cause it to contract so heavily, that a stone can can scratch the gallbladder up and enflame the walls. Even without a stone, it can irritate the walls and be responsible for inflammation. Personal story: I had some very hard bile (not quite a stone) lodge and almost get infected thanks to the flush. Pau D'arco helped me with the fever like symptoms, though I acted on my own accord and not under a personal professional advice(!) I followed Dr. Berglunds advice and followed the Liquid Iodine Forte suggestion and Beta TCP. Liquid Iodine Forte alone liquified the gallbladder contents and sped things back up in a matter of a few days. Note: I did it out of emergency, and not under professional personal recommendation again. Anyway, I then was able to return to oxe bile and then turmeric pills. Artichoke also relieved symptomatic flow of cholesterol abundance in the bile. I then switched to a paleo diet, this time under my doctors advice, after a while and I've been able to cheat with 0 pain. Including an occasional social alcoholic drink.

In a nutshell, the lemon and olive oil combination balls up into soapy stone-like substances that forms in the intestines. If someone feels how queezy they get after such an absurd combination, that's what's happening.

It's also important to note how many people that do it for the time suggested and get all the queeziness and pain and feel NO gallbladder improvement at the end of it.

Epsom salt contains a good source of magnesium which does seem to help with the ducts.

I know James is asked about it a lot, and for him to catch a break, I'd suggest the book "How to Save your Gallbladder Naturally, and what to do if you've already lost it" by Sandra Cabat, MD and Margaret Jasinska, MD. It's cheap, and they also break it down well. Including the average time of treatment.

Good luck on your journeys

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