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brush me into glory

Name: Hooper
Biological sex: Male
Skin colour: Light tone
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Chocolate brown
Defects: None
Player name: Kate
Other: *hides*

Sample: He can’t quite decide when it happened, that singular moment in which he had looked Emery in the eye and said he wanted to go out drinking. But it had happened. Somewhere between pub two and four Emery had ducked out for the night, leaving Gael to his own devices with a couple of old friends from Lyons who had caught up with him on their visit. These were the raucous boys who never slept and instead spent all their time skulking around pubs with their fingers bandaged from the slicing strings of a guitar; or a cello; or a violin.

They were the boys that all the girls wanted attention from, girls who strutted around with their long legs shooting out from the hems of dresses much too short; with their heels clicking and their mascara dripping down their cheeks. It’s late when they all crawl out from the seedy place they’d been nestled in for the last two hours and Gael is still gripping a pint glass in his hand; they were starting to get quite the collection at home lately and Emery had taken to decorating parts of their kitchen from the procured glassware.

As they stagger down the street, Gael wonders if he should go home, but decides against it because he could accidently splinch himself in this state. Without much of a goodbye he slips off from the group, who are on to the next pub and collecting more patrons as they go, and makes his way down a sidestreet.

There’s no fear left to feel anymore, he’s floating with every step he takes further into the darkness and his eyes are starting to feel heavy. Perhaps a nap might help sober him up for the trip home, he thinks as he totters towards the step leading to the back entrance of an apartment complex. The pint glass falls uselessly onto the ground, cradled by the thick, uncut grass so that it does not break. Gael flops down on the stoop and thinks about how proud Emery would be that he was being so responsible. A broad grin spreads across his mouth as he drifts off to sleep, head leaned against the brick wall of the complex.

Little Gael, he hears the words as if they are emerging from the inky pool of his mind. Bubbling up to the surface and commanding his attention. Groggily he stirs, blinking up at the shadow looming over him for a moment before grinning up at her. “When are you going to stop flirting with me, mon canard?” He tells her as he sits up, or he thinks he is sitting up, when in reality he is still somewhat leaned to the left. “You know that I am taken,” Gael finishes up with a throaty chuckle and his eyes are half closed as he begins to almost doze off again. He can’t be sure how long he had been asleep on the steps or how long Allegra had been trying to talk to him, not that either mattered very much to him.

The night is cold against his clammy skin, it causes a shiver in his spine, rattling his teeth against each other. He manages to sit up a little more then, shrugging off his leather jacket because it felt too restricting all of a sudden. “I have lost something very important,” he wags a finger at her and shakes his head as he tries to remember what it is exactly that he has seemed to have lost. It is right on the tip of his tongue and he closes his eyes as he tries to think, his brows knitted so tightly that they form a ‘v’ shaped crease between them.

    • accepted -

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