At one point in time, Misty Mountain stood opposite of Rainbow Cliff, and these rose to the sky as the only peaks in Blossom Forest. Since the magical change of the land, an entire chain of peaks rose from the bowels of the earth to become the Culter Unlaeddod - the Teeth of the Gods. Misty Mountain is still of the peaks, but many others exist as well. They run from north to south, from east to west. Atop some of the peaks, snow covers them year round, making the paths slippery and hazardous. Others are lower in altitude and are extremely humid, covered in thick, dense forests with mists swirling between each of the trunks. Others still are bare - naked boulders rising and falling haphazardly.

These chains of peaks do connect many of the packs, and they hold many things to explore - forbidden forests, deep and mysterious caves, beautiful scenic cliffs. However, one must have care - if you fall, it is a long, long, long way down...

Due to the varying terrains, many prey options are available. For those scared of injury, you may find ptarmigans, ravens, crows, squirrels, dormice, or rabbits. The adults hunting alone can find mountain goats... but for those hunting in a pack, there are elk, moose, and Bighorn Sheep.



And When The Dead Walk The Earth
All The Living Will Fill These Coffins

The Queen was not in a good mood, then again when was she ever? She had no soul, no heart to give. She was dead inside, numb to everything except anger. She never was able to feel since the death - toll. Collum was surely gone. All that had remained normal was changed. Mother and Father - though she was dependent on no one, were gone. They slipped away from the cracks of Spring Grounds. If they'd return however they'd be carcasses on the gates - strung as banners for all to see. 

Mother had wronged the royal family. She had killed Signless and after so she had fled the sight. The monster Mother was was only half of the Queens blood. Father had done nearly no wrong. Nearly. He too left the pack to perish with Signless. They were in need of a leader so the heiress did all she could. She rose to the throne without a coronation. 

Pierce and his new love were all to turn up. Then a new woman who spoke in rhymes. Then the bitch from hell came. Spring Grounds was open for refugees from Andere to come to. Yet Stormy Horizon seemed to believe that she needed to prove her right to the throne. That bitch would not take the crown. She'd lose her head after the Queen ripped out her vile snake like tongue. 

This new beast began to grow unhappy with the Queens questions. He rose to her face, growling with a smile on his face. "Do you not see me? You would know if you or anyone knew me!" How odd he was. A brindle like pattern marked his fur yet that didn't faze her. Neither did his outburst. The Queen just gave a soft laugh in his face, shaking her head. 

"Forgive me. My parents weren't close with me so I only assumed. Not many wolves around here are willing to share." She spoke, her voice was not loud yet not soft. She spoke calmly, a smile twisting up from her chops. She refused just yet to give up her identity as a royal - if that would even make him act differently. "Who exactly are you?"

"What could be more beautiful than death?"
And At The End Of The World
I'll Remember To Bring You Flowers

||Lucaya||Lovers||Queen of Spring Grounds||Adult||Metalhead||


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