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Outboard Tech??

I am "fairly" new to the area(Western Branch), three years but being gone half of it. I am shopping for a respectable outboard tech, that won't take me for the ringer. Though I haven't fished with you all... yet. I enjoy following your circuit and look fwd to doing so this year. Which leads me to my issue. I have a 1990 Johnson with a few issues. Started out with, what I believe, a carb issue, now it has a misfire. I am just getting frustrated trying to do it myself. History, it sat for a number of years, I rebuilt the carb and fuel pump. Got it running just never solid, unless adjusting the choke. It would sputter/bog down at WOT. Now I believe there is a misfire on one cylinder, at WOT it did sputter very fast. Now at WOT it barley comes up to idle speed. So...there is my frustration. I did the easy and changed the spark plugs with no joy. That is pretty much as far as I got. With these symptoms, what am I looking at as to repair/costs? Thanks for your time and input.


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