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Re(1): Over 70?


My letter of yesterday to the local paper.

The suggestion by Police head of traffic, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, that drivers aged 70 or older
should consider their ability to drive longer distances, in traffic or in certain weather conditions is a classic
case of an ill considered “thought bubble” by a person in a position to know better.

In NSW older drivers, such as myself, are required to undergo annual medical assessment from age 75 and
undertake biennial driving tests from age 85. If an elderly driver is able to meet these requirements, and has
not been involved in any behaviour which would indicate their unsuitability to continue to hold the class of licence held,
there is no valid reason
for the assertion made by Assistant Commissioner Hartley which led to his comment.

Just as it is unfair to claim that all provisional licence holders (P Platers) are unsafe it is unfair to declare that
all drivers of 70 years or older should be restricted in where, when and how far they may drive. No such
limitations are placed on pilot licence holders whilst ever they are able to meet the medical testing requirements and are able to demonstrate their proficiency at the time intervals
dictated by their class of licence.

No, Assistant Commissioner Hartley, your suggestion is misguided and insulting to many of us.

Tony Ryan


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