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Re(9): Captain Mona Shindy

Well Mick, obviously those people who have the intention of changing our tradition and our way of life will be weeded out mate , that's a very broad statement you make , so far we haven't come across any instances of Anarchy yet, as far as I know . Perhaps serving members on this site may like to comment ? Can anyone shed any evidence at all, that our way of tradition is being challenged in the Armed Services . The Police Force seem to cope ok with it ,I cant see the point Mick, its not going to go away ,if anything you will see more of it. We have to learn to accept it.Yes we have a chance that a rogue may appear, but think back to the Navy guy 25 years ago or more,a good old White Australian who was responsible for burning all the Tracker aircraft, he wasn't wearing the wrong hat !Just shows, never judge a book by its cover.


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