Re(1): Soft claws

Dear Mandy;

Scratching can be a problem, especially if some of the people in the home feel strongly about the furniture!

The "soft paws" might work well for you. I cannot say for sure, as I have never tried them. But it could do no harm to try.

Other possibilities might be a scratching post (liberally sprinkled with catnp), a scratching pad -- same thing only it lies on the floor.

In our house we have a nice piece of a forest tree, with rough bark, that I and my housemates dearly love to claw upon, especially when it is sprinkled with catnip.

You can protect the furniture, in the meantime, by covering horizontal surfaces with foil and vertical surfaces with plastic (the kind you use to wrap sandwiches.)

I hope some of these ideas work for you. Taking a cat's claws off is terrible. It seems simple, but the claws are the first joint of the cat's paws. It would be like cutting your fingers off at the first joint. Please do not let anyone tell you that is the "easy" answer. It is not

Hope something here works for you. Let us know, okay?

Best wishes,

-- Dear Tabby

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