New Dania court causing serious issues for players and fans/more thoughts...

The new Dania jai-alai court looks nice. It is blue, with a new gray floor and all new wood out of bounds.

But there are issues that caused sloppy play yesterday - at least what I saw in the matinee.

The court has been transformed with the new colors but will need to be tweaked. Not only that, the lighting is bad. They need to add more lighting.

The pelota absorbs the color of the blue wall and the gray flooring making it much harder for the guys to see the ball. I saw world class players like Erik totally miss balls while others waved at it.

Another issue is chic-chac's. The new paint causes for no chi-chac's and that is an issue also. This is making star players, like Diego and others change their style.

Rebote's are also bouncing of the back wall strangely and the players are having to adjust their style's.

At around midnight, Jai-a-Lou reported about 300-350 people in the stands. The place has 480 seats. Betting lines were super long and getting shut out was part of the reality.

Remember those days?

Just tweaks that need to be fixed. Painting that court would need 3 days to dry, so don't expect much done to the court at this time, I would figure. And I am sure the players will adjust.

Fans in the crowd also said it was hard to pick up the ball, but it was easy to watch on Watch and Wager. They need to add that sound to it of the ball and crowd, instead of the announcer, who was no Tuff Tony or Dave Lemmon or Tom Contrasas (whom I ran into on the beach Tuesday night with Corky and Bobby).

Faces in the crowd - Mark K., Oyarbide and Arriaga. Overall the place looks great, restrooms were a "premium" according to Lou. The seats are comfortable, stadium style, but a little cramped in space around you when you sit.

What I wish - the place keeps busy with over 400-500 people in there and they tear down that #### big red wall and put the glass wall up (as plans originally called for), but at well over a million dollars for it, I would wait too.

Poker rooms opens Friday and Benny told me it is nice. The entire upstairs was closed and the outside looks like a construction lot and it is amazing anyone knew they were open.

Dania also has updated its website.

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