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OT: Moving the board

With the ad problem that's developed lately it seems the best solution may be simply to move the board itself to a place where the ads are less intrusive. I doubt there are completely ad-free boards but I'm sure we can find one where the ads aren't quite so in-your-face. We may even find another one that's free.

Besides a change in appearance, this will also mean a few more changes, the main ones being:
1) Everyone will need to register. So far I haven't found another board quite like this one, where anyone can post without being a member. The downside to the arrangement here is that spammers and bots can post, too, which is why we have the captcha code. That wasn't part of the board when I first started coming here but it's become a necessity now. Registering does away with that problem, but creates others.

2) There will be threads in folders rather than a list of threads on a single page. Hopefully we can set it up with as few folders as possible, but on the up side we'll also be able to have stickies and static threads with important information. The look is going to change quite a lot.

3) There will be a learning curve for those not familiar with other types of message boards. If you know the Haven, it will be similar to that, though the details may be quite dissimilar.

4) Members will be able to uploads their own avatar and have signature lines - or not. They will also be able to do without whatever options they don't want. Rather than having to put name and email into every post, you'll just log in.

There are other advantages and disadvantages that will come up during discussion. I'll bring links to possible new homes and everyone can weigh in on what looks good to them. Ultimately, it's going to be a huge change for all of us, and since this is YOUR board, let's talk about it.

Here's the first one to consider. You can use the "test it" link to log in and see how the board looks. Not terribly exciting but clean. I'm sure with some funds we could buy a new skin to tart it up a bit.

Discussion now open. What do you think?

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