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Outdated PFT

To all of you that have suffered through the PFT since it was introduced many years ago (I have a copy of an article written 2 years before it was introduced by the RAAF, written by an Army Sports Medicine Specialist doctor, that shoots it down in flames as totally useless)the following article was in today's WA Sunday Times.

'The Exercise Deemed "Outdated" By US Military.

We give you permission to stop doing sit-ups- and so does the US armed forces, which has removed the exercise from its physical fitness test because it's "outdated". (Cue a collective sigh of relief) That's not to say you can ignore your core entirely. Now the plank pose is where it's at- it's a more effective ab workout and less likely to cause a sore back.

But it will probably be another ten years before the RAAF accept this and change the current PFT, not that it worries me anymore.


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