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I've played in midland and Odessa...traveled across the state. The sad truth is that softball is on the decline in west Texas.

Midland is only having 4 tournaments scheduled this year, Odessa has 0 scheduled on the USSSA website.

We are not the DFW/San Antonio/Houston areas. We do not the get the number of teams. And for us traveling for tournaments is not going from a suburb in Dallas to another 20 minutes away such as from mansfield to Softball World in Euless...We did that this weekend. It is going to be most likely hours and harder for teams!

The bad thing is that Odessa does not even get the same number of local teams that even Midland does at its tournaments...which is strange to me because Odessa's fields are in better shape and I can't remember the last time in Midland we didn't get at least one game with an umpire who didn't drink as much we did in the parking lot! And remember I'm from Midland and would always rather play in Odessa.

Now is it the leadership in OSA (Bunny, Mario, Marcus) I think they are all fair...The arguement that the tournaments were unfair because of mario's connection with FTP and how they won a couple. Heres a news flash good teams are consistent and consistent teams win tournaments. The only thing with Mario in my opinion is that there could be a favoritism for one complex than another with him directing Odessa and Andrews. I think that there should be a director for both complexes to negate that possibility.

And with the fields being controlled by the City of Odessa/UTPB it adds certain difficulties that must be overcome.

But then again this all just my 2 cents. I hope to see WEST TEXAS softball become stronger and more competitive in other areas!


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Foul or vulgar language will result in being banned permanently from the message board!
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