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Re(4): Bush Fires

The individual States take on the aerial Fire Fighting equipment not the Feds. NSW & VIC have the population and obviously draw more taxes from the multitudes, while SA, TAS & WA have fewer folks and are basically broke. NT & QLD during summer there is plenty of rain and doesn't require aerial equipment.

While the States with the aerial equipment will allow the assets to assist in other states they (other state) will rarely do so as there is a huge cost which NSW & VIC put on these assets which they the poorer states cannot afford, but they are there and on offered.

This information came from the Deputy Prime Minister at a meeting in DEC 15. I did' make it up.

The poorer States basically have to burn.

Our country is more and more reliant on other countries to take on tasks like Aerial Fire Fighting due to government ineptness and politics (FED VS STATE).

Yes C130's are expensive to maintain as are all aircraft irrespective of make however what is the cost of a life let alone folks property? I am sure the folks that have lost loved ones and property in 2015/2016 will have a stronger view than pure economic.

We as a Nation should be demanding a safe place to live and this includes having assets required to keep our lives and properties safe from fires.

How much do we give away to other nations when they have problems. Charity begins at home, fix our problems first!


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