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Re(7): Bush Fires

Good afternoon fellas, I have held off until you all have had a great point of view. You are all well versed and very noted airman from our past.

Basic fire fighting.

Why did we not send firies from Qld and NSW to help the WA firies?????
How come the military were not involved in the TRAGIC results of the wildfires thru a complete town????

What now happens to residents from 134 homes that were lost,50/60% were probably not insured???

I agree with you blokes the 10x C130 should have been converted for our wildfire season.
Our country is full of gumtrees, these trees are full of oil and fires love to get amongst the tops of these trees.

Any kind of an a/c that can get amongst these areas is a very worthwile asset.

Nobody in this conversation has any idea about the use of the fixed wing a/c.
Why then are we(taxpayers) fritting our hard earned cash to have 2 a/c sitting on the ground in Richmond???

political decisions

Again I go back to the homeless people of the fire ravaged community who have nothing but the clothes they escaped in.
What are these so called idiots doing to help these people,are the "refugees" going to get homes and benefits before these unfortunate people.

We are being run by a mindless "heap" of public servents who have no idea of the amount of funds required to keep our FIRIES on line in the states of origin.
They don't seem to have any idea about crew support for other states.
Finally they decide in there ivory towers to bring into country aircraft that are doing naught,NAUGHT.

I have fought fires in Winmalee,in lower blue mtns. St Albans in the wisemans ferry area. Murray bridge in the lower Adelaide hills.

Bob P (Bronco)


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