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English 3

Yes I rather die for what I believe in. My reasons are why lie & feel ashamed later telling the truth for any situation is the best way. To claim something you believe in you should always stick to it. People around the world die for there religious. Why not they died for what they claim they believe in then lieing to save your life.
To begin with, years ago Jews were unwanted people in the 1800s.They were forced wear a star of David if they refuse they were killed. That's an example of a religious act of believed. On the other hand there were Jews that strugle believe that dieing was a strength on there religion.
Another example Martin Luther King Jr died for what he believed nothing stopped him for what he believe he kept going. He knew his life was in danger but nothing got in his way he's a powerful man & died for us people to be here together of any race. It takes a reall man to stand up for the people. Martin Luther King Jr is know forever.
Lastly, I strongly believe everything happens for a reason eather for the best or for the worst. Today we sit in class with any race & any religion. Years ago life was different in history shows.
As you can see, I gave you two examples people that made history. About a man who died for what he believed in and Jews who died for there religion.


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